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In a world where plastic waste is a growing problem, a group of innovators set out to make a change. Instead of using oil, it’s time to turn to plants like sugarcane and corn.

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The mission was to develop a material that could break down naturally, unlike traditional plastics that can linger for hundreds of years. In advanced laboratories, scientists and engineers worked together to bring this vision to life. This would help reduce waste and pollution significantly. And the effort of a specific company showed that with creativity and determination, it’s possible to find solutions that benefit both people and the planet.

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As a Regulatory Specialist, you ensure that products meet all necessary regulatory requirements for approval and sale. Staying updated on the latest changes in regulations and industry trends is key! You’ll talk with regulatory agencies and fill out paperwork. Your job is to make sure products follow the rules in different places and for different things. It’s your job to keep everything in the loop. Your responsibilities will also include evaluating new products and crafting strategies to ensure their regulatory compliance as they enter the market. Furthermore, you will gather and organize data necessary for regulatory submissions, ensuring that all information is accurate and complete.

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You possess a university degree or equivalent in a related field such as Environmental Science or Chemistry. This position is open to both junior professionals and those with over three years of experience in the regulatory sector. You have a thorough understanding of industry regulations and procedures, and global experience is a valuable bonus. You are highly detail-oriented and excel at problem-solving. Preparing and submitting regulatory documents is second nature to you. Your exceptional communication skills, particularly in English, enable you to collaborate effectively across teams.

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You’ll work with experts in a place where you help make things better for the planet. Of course, you can’t do this for free. You can expect a monthly salary ranging from €4.000,- up to €5.700,-, along with excellent benefits. Supportive leaders will help you grow and learn. And you’ll work with people from all over the world, which is pretty cool. So, is this your new great opportunity? Hit the ‘apply’ button and we will talk to you soon!

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